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September 1, 2011


SleepRight Adjustable TMJ Mouth Guard Review

by Mouth Guard Review
SleepRight TMJ Mouth Guard

TMJ Mouth Guard Product Information:

  • A mouth guard for TMJ comfort that is adjustable and protects your teeth from clenching and/or grinding.
  • Smaller profile than many of the larger TMJ night guards and even can fit with dentures or braces.
  • A four notch design to allow you to adjust the mouth guard pads forward and backward.
  • Comes in a mint flavor and I have also seen cinnamon.
  • The package includes a travel case for the TMJ splint.
  • It is made from thermoplastic.
  • Recommended age for use: 18 Years and up.
  • For cleaning simply rinse with water.

Some people just can’t stand the form fit of a custom TMJ splint. I understand, really I do! So this is the next best TMJ appliance option. It does allow for some customizing with it being adjustable which makes it a great option for your TMD.

The down side is that it only covers the rear teeth the pressure can feel a bit off and did  cause me some soreness. In an intense grinding situation I can see this TMJ mouth guard coming out of proper placement.

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  1. stephen dobson
    May 12 2013

    Am interested in your product for myself and for my chiropractic patients.
    Please contact me.
    Steve Dobson DC


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